212 N. Washington
Eatonville, WA 98328
Dancing Bees and Fruitful Trees Now We Make Soap For Dirty Knees
We are as organic as nature allows! So you are guaranteed products free from harmful chemicals and other unnatural
weirdness and produced and harvested using organic means!

We started out with a dream to keep bees and after a series of events we were given the tools to do just that. We started with
one single hive and have grown to 25 hives. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of growth, but for us, small is better...we only have
what we can handle :0) We maintain the health and happiness of our hives by natural means and never introduce unnatural
weirdness into our hives via feed or medication or for any reason for that matter. That does not mean we do not feed our bees
in the fall or whenever they need it and that also does not mean we don't medicate our hives if they catch a cold...it just means
we use natural methods; feeding them sugar syrup or honey they produced the season before and treating them with essential
oils and other preventative methods that benefit both the bees and us when they are ill.